Picture House invites asylum seekers

Holders of an asylum application registration card (ARC) may now visit Hebden Bridge Picture House in order to view films without paying the standard entry fee of £7. In addition a free hot drink (tea / coffee / speciality tea) may also be claimed. The ARC needs to be produced at the Box Office by the holder in order to get in free and again at the kiosk for a free hot drink.

Please note, the Picture House cannot accept organised large groups of visitors under this free scheme, such as a mini-bus full, as the distributors only allow use of complimentary admission (for carers, under 3s, etc) as a small percentage of the daily box office admissions.

The maximum the Picture House would recommend visit together to use this offer would be FOUR ARC holders for one film screening please. There is no limit on how often an individual may use this offer. Detail of the current programme can be downloaded here: www.hbph.co.uk and libraries and Tourist Information centres carry our printed programme which covers the current five weeks of screenings.

Please note it is not valid for Live Arts screenings, just films (which is the majority of what we screen).

As the Picture House cannot pay for transport for the asylum seekers and refugees to be able to attend the cinema Together We Grow will pay the transport costs for those we arrange a visit to the cinema with. You can donate towards these transport costs via https://localgiving.org/charity/togetherwegrow/.

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