Community orchard

Four asylum seekers came to help filling bags with woodchip for the community orchard in Blackshaw Head along with members of the local community.

Many thanks to Mark and Phil for taking the bags to the orchard. The woodchip will be spread around the 75 fruit trees and the 35 fruit bushes on another day.

When the work was finished there was time to sit and have a chat in the orchard, enjoy the views and taste the soft fruit.

After lunch the asylum seekers went to see the open gardens in Hebden Bridge before ending up in the square listening to some live music, having an ice cream and playing with the passing dogs.

On Wednesday three of our Management Committee members had a meeting with volunteers at Central Methodist Church in Todmorden to arrange our Welcome Festival 2017. All is now pretty much planned.

On Thursday our project was visited by two researchers from Cambridge University who are doing a study on migrant young people.

This coming Wednesday are walking group is meeting again with an increased number of refugees and asylum seekers.

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