Consultation event with refugees

On 10th January, we took two car loads with toys, children’s books, boots, a new bed for a child, etc for our event Saturday 13th January in Rochdale and we will bring two more car loads.
A former nursery has given us all their toys and books. A lot of individuals and families have also donated us things to give to the refugees – too many to list, but special thanks goes to Emma for being the contact to the former nursery and to Jo who also gave us a lot of toys.
What will not be taken by the refugees in Rochdale on Saturday will go in the containers to the refugee camps at Lesbos in Greece this month as this is the wish of the former owner of the nursery.
Our event on Saturday with the refugees is primarily a consultation event, where we want to hear more about what they like Together We Grow to be doing in 2018, including on how they might want to be more involved in the running of the organisation.
We will divide the refugees into four groups in this consultation exercise: one for men, one for women, one for young people and one for children – with a facilitator in each group.
We will also have a curry on Saturday – made by a professional chief.