Sewing group

Thanks to Debbie for donating a lot of children’s stuff, to John for delivering 50 x 1kg bags of flower (picture) and offering a small fridge and to everyone who have donated or offered lifts throughout the year.

This includes £207.26 raised through the Coop https://membership.coop.co.uk/causes/25708 so far, which will run for another 10 months. Also thanks to the person who donated £30, to the Egg Factory Feast where £16 was donated and to Keith who donated £10.

The Arabic refugee women’s sewing group has been knitting and we had a stall at the Egg Factory Feast and three Saturday’s at the Great Rock Coop (including to 2pm today) selling scarfs, hats, etc – see picture. We do not know yet how much this raised for the sewing group.

Our next refugee visit will be on 2nd January where we will go to Eureka in Halifax.