Planning for 2019

Our new management committee has met with six refugees and asylum seekers from Syrian, Palestine, Sri Lanka and Libya. We also have four local residents on the committee.

The meeting planned a program for activities in 2019, which was based on 30 returned surveys of what people would like to do.

We are currently finding out if it will be possible to do some of the suggestions, like camping and a trip to the seaside. Anyone got access to a bus and a driver for such activities? We will be able to pay for this.

In the short term we will attend the family concert in Todmorden town hall on Saturday 19th January, have an Arabic cooking class on Monday 4th February and attend a family musical on 16th March.

The committee also agreed on a leaflet informing asylum seekers how they can get financial help from Together We Grow to attend leisure activities. We are currently finding out if can get translations made into various languages, like Arabic, Tigrinya, Farsi, Kurdish, Kurdish Sorani.

Many thanks to the Oxfam shop, to Janet and others who have donated huge amounts of clothes, toys, kitchen stuff, etc.

We took a family to Preston University and to Edge Hill University for a young person applying to study medicine. Another young person got into Edinburgh University.