Management committee meeting

Together We Grow’s management committee met on 1st April to make plans for the coming months. Here are some of the ideas for possible activities:
* Going to the seaside
* Have a camping weekend
* Participate in the Blackshaw Head’s Great Get Together
* Attend the handmade parade in Hebden Bridge
* Visit the Methodist Church, the Mosque and the tower on the Unitarian Church in Todmorden
* Have a sports day with BBQ in Blackshaw Head
* Attend film showings at the Picture House in Hebden Bridge
* Start a gardening group and a walking group for teenagers
* Continue with our adult walking group
* Promote our help with leisure activities for asylum seekers

We also had updates on our participation in the Rochdale and Calderdale forums for organisations supporting asylum seekers and refugees, from a health conference dealing specifically with refugee issues and various bodies we are members of.

We had a financial report on our income and expenses for this financial year, ongoing fundraising and what we currently have funding for.