Frozen 2

Visit to see Frozen II

Rather than the expected 120 we had 85 asylum seekers and refugees coming to Hebden Bridge on 21st Dec – 36 from Rochdale and 49 from Halifax. It was a joint event with Friends of the Picture House.
Some fed the ducks and watched the Christmas tree in the Square before arriving at the town hall for lunch followed by homemade cupcakes and gingerbread men/women. Many thanks to the town hall for hosting us and for the excellent staff helping out.
Also thanks to everyone who had donated winter clothes for people to take home.
Then off to the Picture House to see Frozen II with popcorn and drinks for everyone. Individual orders for this had been taken in the town hall for salty or sweet popcorn and type of drinks (mango, orange, apple juices and tea or coffee). Many thanks to the Picture House staff and volunteers for having it all ready for us.
After the film every child got a Christmas present to take home.
Such a big event could not have happened without a small army of volunteers. For a start the Rochdale group came on three different trains and the Halifax group came on different buses. Many thanks to everyone who helped out.