Free activities at home

Now that schools are closed for some children and leisure activities, like gyms, are closed for adults here are some possible activities:

For adults there are a lot of free university courses on any subject you can image – futurelearn, Open University, etc. They can each last 2-10 weeks but you can complete them in your own pace when it suits you and put as much work into them as you want – usually half a day per week. And you can communicate and debate with students from across the world. You are never too old to learn.

For children: learn how to cook & bake, clean, grow plants – indoor and outdoor, how to repair clothes, knitting and all the other ‘family’ tasks that is useful to know – like how to change bedding, wash clothes, iron – all depending on the age of the child/young person/teenager.

Some thoughts ahead of school closures:

1) Make a visual timetable – have a routine and keep to it
Here’s a helpful link for making a visual timetable:…/

2) Remember guidance for homeschooled children is 1 to 2 hours each day maximum – you don’t need to do more than this! (And in a couple of weeks it’s the Easter Holidays!)

3) Focus on a subject that you enjoy – share your passion. Keep the level just below what you think your child can achieve – you do not have to stretch them during this time – focus on a sense of achievement and working together!!

4) If you need to work as well try to time this with “down time” for your child, can they be on a screen in the same room as you while you work? Can they look at a book? Where possible keep them alongside you – it may cause some interruptions to your work, but it may avoid big meltdowns, and dealing with big problems when you come back together! (5 minutes now saves 50 minutes later)

5) Make a den space! You will both need this – have a small quiet space your child can use to regulate. (Build this together – we all love making a den!)

6) Set up video calls with important people – relatives, friends, school friends. Schedule these so you know all when they are coming

7) Use online resources such as kids yoga routine videos, kids meditation videos.

8) If you can set aside a bit of space – just a corner of a room – for craft/art activities then try and leave this out all the time – tidying can become a full time job otherwise and takes time away from your child. KEEP A MESSY AREA!

9) If both parents are at home then DIVIDE AND RULE. Take shifts, and get some time to yourself with LOTS OF SELF CARE.

Here are some resources I’ve come across so far:

Authors reading their books live on line:…

Lots of resources here:…/list-of-online-resources-for-anyo…

Virtual tours of art galleries and cultural buildings:…/1SvIdgTx9djKO6SjyvPDs…/mobilebasic