Celebrate refugee week

We ask all asylum seekers and refugees – children and adults, individually or as a family – to write a poem, write a story, paint or draw a picture/portrait, dance, drama, sing a song from their home country, arts and craft, or show more videos of cooking their favourite food. Basically, they can express themselves in any format they want and it can be about anything they want. So it could about how it feels to be a refugee in the UK or more about aspects of the surrounding world. However, they should all record it on their phones and send to TWG for us to put on our Facebook page and website during refugee week. So there is a deadline of 10th June to do this as refugee week is on 15th-21st June – see https://refugeeweek.org.uk/

As it happens TWG has held events for five years this month and we want to mark the anniversary by producing something in printed or electronic form – or both – and we can use some of the material produced by the refugees and asylum seekers for refugee week.