Feedback from refugees

Feedback from some of the refugees and asylum seekers who received food parcels. We also asked for feedback on what food they liked and disliked – for when we make more food parcels. Each family got a bag of 5kg Basmati rice, a bag full of fruit and vegetables and a bag with staples like pasta, couscous, tins of tuna fish, chopped tomatoes, beans, etc. We have not edited these feedbacks – except for anonymising them.
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Thanks so so much for the parcel it’s will be very helpful for me and my family I wasn’t expecting that much food.
It has really save me a lot..
Now I will only buy vegetable oil and meat.
I am grateful
The food parcels from Together We Grow, has helped me to feed myself and my daughter. Everything was exceptionally great. It was a big help for me as a single disabled parent , especially at this most needed time of Pandemic. Really helped me, feed my child. Thanks for the food parcel by putting food on to our table. Your kind help is much appreciated. And thanks for bringing smiles on our faces, and feeding us in the most difficult situations like this. Help like this, surely no family will suffer and starve. Thanks for your kind and big help and bringing smile on our faces.
Thanking you with my whole heart.
A struggling disabled mother.
On behalf of my family, I deeply appreciate your support with the food for this mid term holiday. Your support did not only relief me of the sadness of been unable to feed my children at least 3 square meal this period but it also helps me to have extra money to take them out and that gladdens my heart.
Please with regards to what I like most in our food package, I will say the Rice because, that is my children favourite food and I cook it in different dishes for them.
I will please like to have Christmas turkey and Christmas gift for my children if possible please. Also Christmas decorations please.
Thanks for the fresh fruits and vegetables, this will really help me and my family during this mid term holiday.
I will love if you can include Christmas tree and decorations, gifts for me and my children, food eg (rice , chicken or turkey, fruits and vegetables etc ) to celebrate the season
This has really made a lot of difference to my home knowing that people like you are thinking of us and taking your time and effort to meet some of our basic needs it’s shows we are really welcome,
Calderdale is a home away from home for for us.
Thanks you, really together we are growing.
Really i am appreciate ur help, the bag was very good for me and my children, as you know the fund that we get as an asylum seekers is very limited to provide all our needs, with this help u gave us a chance to bring other things for the children instead. That’s make the children happy.
For me, my children didn’t eat the beans and the tuna fish, but the rest ok.
The parcel was absolutely according to our needs. Every single thing was very useful in daily use. I love the big bag of rice especially although missed bottle of oil;)
The vegetables and fruits was sufficient in quantity. If possible may u please add a chocolate pack as treat for kids.
ThNk u so much for arranging that and got it delivered to my door step. Much appreciated ur time and efforts.
Keep up the good work God bless you