Yoga classes for women

We have now bought yoga mats and paid the yoga teacher. The sessions are for women only and there is no more free place available. 15 women have signed up.
The yoga teacher, Claire, wrote on her Facebook page:
As the sun sets on another day, I feel honoured to have held space for a group of female refugees and asylum seekers from the Halifax and Rochdale area.
Funded by local charity, Together We Grow, I’ll be teaching a women’s yoga class, online, for the next six weeks. We’ve had an incredible response and it was such a gift to see the smiling faces of all of these women, my sisters 🌍
We began with introductions, followed by a series of simple yoga postures and a breath based relaxation practice. At the end of the class, each woman was asked to offer a word to reflect their experience. Each of those words was a gift to the universe. Positive energy radiates like the sun, maybe you can feel the warmth of their words ☀️
It is in moments like these, where I am reminded of the magic that can happen on a yoga mat. No toes of frog or eyes of newt 🙃 No expensive equipment or complicated postures. Just the capacity to bring about change through the simplest of approaches. Such an honour to be a part of this journey.
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