Poem from Refugee Week

Poem read at the launch of Refugee Week in Calderdale:
My Thirst for Freedom.Hear my cry for Freedom.
Dry my tears for i am in pain and agony.
Release me from this suffering.
Free this caged bird so it can fly so high as it journeys to freedom.
Alone I wonder,tormented I shed a tear as i look back only to feel trapped in painful memories of yesterday.
Free me from pain,Free me from violence,Free me from oppression,Free me from destitution,Free me from hate and crime.Sing me a song of freedom,bring hope to this broken winged bird.
Release me from this pain coz i want to be free.After the dark gloomy night,I know the sun will still shine,I Thirst for Freedom i will stand and fight for it! .
Written by: Jeanette, Cathy Jones