Trip to the seaside

49 of us went to the seaside in Fleetwood on 31st August. We had a great day out and luckily the weather was sunny and warm.
We started off at St Augustine’s Centre in Halifax to pick up one half of the group before going to Rochdale train station to pick up the second half of the group. Then off to Fleetwood where there is a big YMCA centre next to the beach. The centre has a large paddling pool and splash play area, an indoor swimming pool and a lovely cafe. We used them all as well as a large play area next door.
Had lunch on the beach, some brave people went into the sea and 26 people went into the indoor swimming pool. Then ice creams and coffee etc for all before we all went back to Rochdale and Halifax.
Some parents sent us this:
Thanks TWG for making our day really great. We had the best day ever, smiles and happiness was showering from cute innocent faces. Thanks again, our kids had a fantastic time today at Fleetwood beach. And thanks to all the volunteers for showering their kindness and love.
A very well organised trip which brought smiles to so many faces included ours. Kids had great time at beach, playground and swimming pool. 🏊‍♀️
Many thanks to YMCA for giving us discounts for our swims and to Fleetwood Beach Kafe for the discounts on ice creams. Many thanks to our very friendly coach driver. Thanks to Beryl, Marian, Steve and Sandy for general volunteering, to Rabia to be our first aid person and to Steve for liaison with YMCA before we arrived.
The pictures were taken by different people and many thanks for those.