Camping trip

We had a fantastic camping trip to Old Chamber campsite above Hebden Bridge with 31 friends from Rochdale on 1st and 2nd August.

Our friends from Rochdale had made a lovely lunch for us all to share on the Monday. We had games, walks, socialising, etc. Two local artists, Lizzie and Linda, made some beautiful lanterns with the children, which they could use in the tents and take home. Many thanks to them both.

For dinner we had pizza, kebabs, salads and bread from Papa’s in Hebden Bridge, baked potatoes, juices and a huge tabbouleh. Plus, other dishes contributed by campers. As pudding we had some delicious cakes made by the Kindness cafe in Todmorden who also lent us the plates, cutlery, etc. Many thanks to them both.

A campfire was lit, followed by songs and dance before the rain forced us into the barn that also had toilets, showers, kettle, etc.

The next morning it was still raining but Ann from Old Chamber had made breakfast baps filled with fried eggs and vegan sausages for everyone.

12-year-old Abdullah wrote a nice letter thanking all the volunteers. Thanks Abdullah.

All this would not have been possible without our committed organising committee made up of Sandy, Beryl, Steve and Marian, plus everyone who lent us tents, sleeping bags and mats and those who helped erecting the tents Monday morning and getting everything ready and to Ann from the Old Chamber campsite. Many thanks to them all. We are still working our way through trying to return all the stuff to the right owners!