Family day out in Todmorden

On Monday 25th July 37 of our friends came from Halifax to Todmorden for a family fun day out.

Unfortunately, as we got to the park in Todmorden to do games with the Halifax Panthers the sky opened with rain and we went to the gym at Todmorden college to have games there with children from Todmorden. Great to see all races, religions, genders and ages having such fun together.

We also had lunch with Halifax Panthers and their Healthy Holiday children. The lunch was made by Shay Stadium in Halifax and they would have done it again on Thursday 28th July for Together We Grow but we had to cancel the event as the trains will be disrupted that day following the train strike on the 27th.

After lunch we had an art workshop with our wonderful local artist Lizzie Lockhart. This involved collecting some flowers and leaves, which were then arranged on specially prepared blue paper which, when exposed to the sun, turned white while the image made by the plant material turned blue. Every participant was then able to frame their picture and take it home.

At all our events we have free toothbrushes, toothpaste and sanitary products for our friends to take home.

Many thanks to Marian, Beryl and Joan for helping out on the day, to Halifax Panthers for doing activities and getting the food and to Todmorden College for hosting us. We all had a lovely day and went home a bit tired.